Jack Rose and Smack Rose

Jack Rose
8 parts applejack
2 parts lemon juice
1 part Grenadine

This perfectly balanced cocktail–one of Embury’s “Six Essential”–is endangered.  It’s too sweet for the hard drinkers and too pure for the girl-drink drunks.  As Nipsey Russell said, “They just made a movie about a mermaid.  I don’t understand the reason why.  Not enough woman to make love to, and too much fish to fry.”  Mermaid requires a refined palate.  In 2003, the Washington Post published an article revealing that the venerable Jack Rose had disappeared from the city.  Muckrakers Mark Zaineddin and John Gagosian visited 12 bars in the area and were not able to find one that stocked applejack.  It was the most scandalous exposé ever published in the Washington Post.  Harvey’s, the actual bar where the Jack Rose had purportedly been invented, was razed in 1932, so one can’t fault them.  There is another option.  The cocktail is most familiar to modern audiences from its appearance at the Hotel de Crillon in Ernest Hemingway’s Parisian novel “The Sun Also Rises”.  But I’ve tricked you, as the Crillon is also closed as of now, 2014.  Luckily, developments in hipster gastronomy have given us occasional glimpses of this Lazarus taxon.  Jack Rose was recently spotted on the menu at Fodder & Shine in Tampa, and, inexplicably is ubiquitous in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Here is my own variant:  Smack Rose.  Mix a Jack Rose with whatever opioid is in season for extra tingle.  The pink specks give this away as Watson 3202.



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