We here at Remains of Style are not fans of tequila.  Have you tried Patron Silver?  It’s fucking gross.  My guru David Embury regarded tequila with disgust, suitable only when your wife is taking a bath and you can’t use the tub to make gin.

That would have been the end of our tequila sipping if not for the delightful bottles of Rudo & Técnico with Mexican wrestling masks for stoppers.  We had to pick up a bottle, even if it was filled with tequila.  We went with the Rudo Añejo because the rudo is the bad guy of lucha libre, therefore cooler than the lame good guy técnico, and añejo is the most aged and therefore best tequila.  We drank and surprise surprise not bad!  It shook our very perception of what tequila is.  Tequila isn’t gross;  we’ve just been drinking gross tequila.  As a scotch-drinker myself, I’m well aware of the people who hate scotch only knowing it from repulsive swill like Macallan 12.  It was time to meet this brave new world.  Thus we went to the liquor store.  Most tequilas come in three varieties:  the unaged blanco, the middle reposado, and the elderly añejo.  But one brand, Los Rijos, came in a mysterious fourth color, “Extra Añejo”, and we bought that, price be damned.  It’s most definitely a different animal.  Planty and lacking pungency, it was nearly enjoyable. (So nearly, we drank the whole bottle in one sitting…)

Tequila is traditionally taken neat, so cocktail recipes are all of recent vintage.  For the purposes of this piece we went to the Red Mesa Cantina in St. Petersburg, Florida and had their “Downtown Margarita”, consisting of Hornitos plata, agave nectar, lime, orange liqueur, and kosher salt.  It’s a zippy little thing.

Los Rijos Reserva


Los Rijos Reserva

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