Making the Most of It – Charlotte, NC

Hello, boys and girls…it’s time for more business travel! This time, I was sent to Charlotte, NC. Oddly enough, the most famous thing about Charlotte seems to be the rocking chairs at the airport. It’s also home to the Nascar Hall of Fame (which I was not allowed to see) and Metalmorphosis, which has the coolest name ever. (You haven’t lived until you’ve heard your GPS say “Arrived at Metalmorphisis, giant head.”) Here’s a quick rundown of how I managed to enjoy my quick trip to Charlotte:

Tourist from the Plane
This time, I planned to do some landmark spotting from the plane (and even borrowed a book on the subject from my esteemed coauthor). Unfortunately, it was cloudy. On all of my daytime flights. My solution? Sleep! I did manage to catch this shot of a theme park on the way in to CLT, but will have to give the objective another shot next time around.

Eat Things
I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my last Making the Most of It post, but it’s very important. Nothing improves a boring, and potentially stressful, trip more than some good food that can’t be found at home. On this trip, my favorites were North Caroline BBQ from The Improper Pig and some monstrosity called burgushi from Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. Yes, burger sushi bar. Check out the photos; you can get a bento box with sushi, edamame, Thai cucumbers, a mini burger and sweet potato fries. They also had a lovely cocktail, called Bulleit & Bacon (Bulleit bourbon, Cherry Herring, Angostura and orange bitters, and honey; garnished with a bacon-wrapped cherry).

Be a Tourist
I usually end these posts with a call to go out and see the thing. In Charlotte, my choices were limited, but I persevered. I enjoyed being driven around the city (we unintentionally stayed 30min away from the office we were visiting) and managed some light touristing from the road. We also visited the aforementioned Metalmorphosis, which turned out to be located in a somewhat suburban corporate park. I also did some microtouristing at the airport, where I saw replica of the Wright Brothers’ 1902 glider and the famous CLT rocking chairs.

Due to the lack of touristing opportunities, I also spent 5 hours at the airport. Not my finest showing as an adventurer, but there were plenty of cocktails to keep me happy.

As usual, I’ll end by urging you to follow my lead the next time you have to travel for business. Be a tourist, see the thing, eat the food. You’ll thank yourself.


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