60 Minutes in Sweden

For years, the internet has claimed Swedes consume more candy per capita than any other nation in the world. I of course have no idea if this is true, but they sure have some good choices. There was no way we could pass on an opportunity to visit Sweden, no matter how briefly.

I discovered Sverige’s bounty of sweet treats a few years ago, during a short visit (and returned from that trip with around $20 worth of Swedish coins that I had no way of changing back into my native currency.)

On a recent layover in Copenhagen, we decided to hop a train to Malmö. After all, I had cash to spend and Kyle hadn’t yet crossed Sweden off his list. It was a short jaunt over the Øresund Bridge and under the Øresund Strait. (So regret not getting  a photo from the bridge; the scene was something straight out of a surreal, drab, Scandinavian art film.)

Abundant Krona in hand, we went shopping…

Time was limited, so we stuck to the train station and only briefly ventured onto true Swedish soil (or pavement).

We came away with bags of salt licorice (a pointedly Scandinavian treat that must be tried once) and chewy cars (familiar to many Ikea shoppers), as well as a few chocolatey things (my favorite was the Marabou Salty Crackers). We also procured a sandwich, a package of meat, a massive bag of dill potato chips, and some previously unknown varieties of Fanta (which we sadly did not take photos of).

Shopping done, and coin purse empty, we hopped back on the train and sat down to our dinner. Our visit may have been fleeting, but it was entirely worth the effort.

The Details
The full trip took 2.5-3 hours (We had a 4 hour layover and made it to our gate comfortably, despite delays caused by extra security measures.) The cost was around $13 per person, each way


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