Maldivian Coral Reef


We air-breathers think we’re so slick clomping around on rocks and, best case scenario, rolling around in boxes. But did you know that most of earth’s surface is buoyant and fluid and graceful? Even the most experienced divers have seen approximately none of the undersea, and we poor working class peons have barely stuck our heads in a swimming pool.

Whale in the Maldives is the rarest of solutions to landsickness, a tourist submarine. The boat descends 40 meters to a coral reef at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Have you ever seen the M. Knight Shyamalan movie “Lady in the Water”, set in an apartment complex populated with oddballs? A coral reef is like that complex, but with even odder balls than the reviled filmmaker could dream up. Giggle with uncontrollable mirth at the clown triggerfish. Recoil in horror from the gigantic moray eel. Sigh in ecstasy at the sight of schools of royal angelfish. And gaze in perplexed wonder at the stoic face of the blue surgeonfish, waving its pectoral arms with the insistent drive of the damned.

The Details
The excursion runs about 150 USD, expensive for a 45 minute trip, but probably the most cost-effective way to see these wonders. The major downside of this trip is that taking photographs through the portholes is an exercise in folly. Try not to worry. Some nice National Geographic folks with $75,000 in camera equipment will document the reefs for humanity. Your job on this trip is to see with your eyes and literally immerse yourself in the Savage World of the Coral Jungle.


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