Making the Most of It – Rosemont, IL

Welcome to another installment of Making the Most of It! I had no idea when I started this series that there’d be so many, so quickly. This time I’m back in Chicago, but not the city…I’m in Rosemont.

Two weeks ago, my boss said we had to go to Chicago. Then she said it wasn’t exactly Chicago. When she said Rosemont, I got really excited. Not because of the Rivers Casino, not because of the Dam No. 4 Woods, and not because it’s fun to watch planes that look like they’re going to land on top of a Target. No, I was excited because I finally got to do this:

Visit family!
Unless you’re very lucky, this one might be a little tough. I’ve been traveling for several years and this was my first opportunity. It was a short trip, only two nights, but I got to spend one of those hanging out with my grand aunt! (What does one call their grandfather’s sister?) I helped her run some errands, we had a nice dinner (definitely check out Sunrise Grill the next time you’re in Des Plaines!), and then we made fun of the Republican National Convention coverage. It was a great way to unwind after a day-long presentation in an office that was far more corporate and stuffy than I’d been expecting. Sadly, I only got photos of the dinner…

Keep an eye out for unexpected humor.
This sort of fits in with my overall feelings on travel: be ready to enjoy yourself. Upon checking in to my hotel, I found these amusing Do Not Disturb hangers. It was something small, but it made me smile and I totally appreciated Hampton Inn’s willingness to use edgy (for a chain hotel) humor.


Enjoy the Scenery
Yep, I was stuck in the suburbs; in limbo between the city and the natural world. Still, there were things worth seeing. In this case, I literally took time to stop and smell the flowers.

Tourist from the Plane
Last time around, I promised I’d give this one another pass. I had two flights on this trip and both presented me with fluffy clouds, farms filled with colossal wind turbines, and stunning views of both the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan.

That’s about it for this installment. As always, be a tourist, see the thing, eat the food. And, I’ll leave you with this warning: If you’re flying through O’Hare, be on the lookout for this pervy little dog. He was seen peeping at women under the stalls of the H14 bathroom. Not cool, Mr. Fluffles. Not cool.





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