Cocktail Spin: Painkiller

It’s the 1970s on the resort island of Jost Van Dyke. A chintzy Key West wannabe named Soggy Dollar Bar is making history by adding nutmeg to an existing cocktail the way Vanilla Ice added tings to “Under Pressure”. They called this pina colada ripoff a painkiller, and it’s okay.

Charles Tobias of Pusser’s Rum, jealous of the way Bacardi stole the daiquiri, has since coopted the painkiller and tells the story that he smuggled the drink away on his boat and secretly mastered the formula that Soggy Dollar’s owner has kept hidden.  It’s an impressive feat of marketing not backed up by much admirable mixology, but we’ve got to pass the time somehow.

Pusser’s being locally unavailable, our version is George Ocean rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, orange juice, and cinnamon. We didn’t have nutmeg and cinnamon looks similar.  We also used light rum instead of dark.  Is this in no way a Painkiller (R)?  Perhaps not, but we were deep into drinking and didn’t deem the distinction a difference.  More than one type of fruit juice and it’s just a girl drink.

Here I am trying to draw Maus with cinnamon:IMG_3956

And here are some other photos of the process, tortilla for scale:


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