Making the Most of It – Birmingham, AL

It’s that time again. Another business trip means another installment of Making the Most of It; the travel equivalent of loving the one you’re with.

This week, I was whisked away to beautiful Birmingham, Alabama. For all of 26 hours. So, how does one make the most of one day in a new city, most of which is taken up by work? Well…

Fly like a kid!
As I mentioned in my first Making the Most of It, this series is all about finding the magic of travel in mundane business trips. For a while I was doing the business travel thing and insisting on aisle seats. After all, what self-respecting business woman needs the wonder of seeing clouds up close and the majesty of mountains from above? This one.

I now proudly request my window seat, gape out of it for the duration of the flight, and take all the pictures I want. Decorum is for losers, especially when there are lightning storms, wind farms, and shining rivers to be seen.

Make Room for Microtouristing
With sleep, travel to and from the office, and time spent at the airport, there was (almost literally) no time for touristing on this trip. But I persevered. Here are some photos of Vulcan (the largest cast iron statue in the world), the Birmingham skyline, and an oddly phallic corn plane (ATL, you never disappoint).

Enjoy the Food (and the company!)
I was far from a lone traveler on this trip. If you’re the type who shies away from hanging out with coworkers, stop it. Give them a shot. Eat some good food and have some fun. If you’re lucky, they’ll turn out to be interesting, and you might even get some good office gossip.


Until next time, keep being a tourist, seeing the thing, and eating the food!


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