60 Seconds in Liechtenstein

Nobody is really sure why Liechtenstein has sovereignty.  It’s mostly an oversight.  While blood and bile draws, washes away, and redraws every jagged border in Europe, Liechtenstein just sits there, meaningless, the little country that nobody bothered to conquer.

This odd fact of its independence puts it on the magical List of Countries and is thus a must visit for all travelers.

We happened to have a six hour layover in Zurich.  Zurich customs agents are relentlessly bitchy.  This time our agent asked me where I was going and I told her Tampa.  “This is Zurich!” she snapped and literally threw my passport at me.   Don’t let these grumps ruin your good time.  Most non-customs Swiss people are very nice.

There’s a train station conveniently located right in the airport and took us to Buchs St. Gallen on the Liechtenstein border.  Be careful as there’s another Buchs on the other side of Switzerland.  The cost of this short train ride was over $160 for the two of us.  Gotta pay it;  it’s on The List.

Short scenic walk from the Buchs station to the Rhine.  It made me miss how adorable Europe is, a whole continent drawn by a second-grader.

Anyway, we had a grand old time on the bridge between countries.  Walked back and forth across the border a bunch.  Straddled the line.  Leapt from one to the other.  After a few dozen visits to Liechtenstein, we felt like we had seen enough.  Check that one off.



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