Making the Most of It – Pittsburgh, PA

I started this series because I was tired of mundane business travel and looking to make a conscious effort to enjoy a few free flights and hotels. However, my latest trip, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was enjoyable in and of itself (and no, I’m not just saying that because my coworkers have now heard about this blog).

Being a Floridian, it’s rare that I get to witness the awesomeness that is snow. And I mean awesome in its truest sense. The idea that an entire city, or state, or country, can be covered in fluffy white frozen stuff is, simply put, the most amazing thing on our planet. Luckily for me, Pittsburgh was covered in several inches just before my arrival and it stuck around until after I left. I appreciate the drudgery of cold weather for those who experience it for months on end, but for me, it’s something to be treasured and I wore my coat, gloves, boots, and ridiculous hat with appropriate gusto.


Including travel, this trip was only 40.5 hours and the vast majority of that time was spent with my coworkers. There were lots of meetings and no time for true touristing. But what we lacked in visits to local landmarks, we more than made up for in fantastic food. It turns out Pittsburgh has recently become one of those foodie cities. I’ve heard of them, but this was my first visit to one and it was pretty sweet.

Primanti Bros.
My first Pittsburgh food was the famous Primanti Brothers (one of their newer locations, just outside downtown). I’d first heard about this place on one of those Food Network shows and since from my boss, who absolutely loves their food. It did not disappoint. I had some thing with roast beef, cheese, coleslaw, and french fries all piled on bread. I would eat it again. Frequently.


The food at Spoon was also noteworthy. We feasted on Indian-inspired savory crepes, empanadas, Korean-inspired fried chicken, some of the best cooked filet I’ve had to date, and a few odd, but very yummy deserts (such as butternut squash cheesecake with fried parsnips). The atmosphere was also really nice. If you’re in Pittsburgh and need a date spot, this would certainly do.


We also had a meeting in a skyscraper, which made me feel like a legitimate adult, as well as some delicious meeting food from an unknown caterer. Did I mention there was snow? I mean, it was everywhere, just waiting to be touched and walked on.

I also managed to grab a couple of nice photos from the air. Here is a small school of sperm, swimming off the coast of Florida, as well as a nuclear power plant (which I maybe wasn’t supposed to take a picture of).

Until next time, be a tourist, see the thing, eat the food. If you can’t do the first two, then really eat the food.


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