Havana Club Challenge

Trademark law is complex and stupid.  The golden nectar you all out in the world know as Havana Club is not what we here in the United States drink.  Our version is produced in Puerto Rico, using the same name and logo.  Cuban trademarks are not only not enforced in the USA, counterfeit versions of cigars produced in the Dominican Republic and Bacardi’s egregious use of the Havana Club label for a Puerto Rican rum are protected for usonian consumption.  Uncle Sam makes sure we can get our smoke and drink on without supporting Communist dictatorships.

But surely it’s just as good.  Bacardi is the largest spirits company in the world and an estranged child of Cuba herself.  Surely they have the resources to make a rum as good as Castro.  Surely.

Havana Club “El Ron de Cuba” & Havana Club “Puerto Rican Rum”

Remains of Style tested this claim and rates it as Pants on Fire.  The Cuban HC is sweet and full as Daisy Fuentes. Its Puerto Rican doppelganger is abrasive and tastes of acetone, like Benicio del Toro.  Well, America, this is one time an embargo failed to yield positive results.


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