Yep, a peanut avocado roll is a thing.

Stories vary, but sushi probably first arrived in the US in the 1950’s or 60’s; a time when most Americans had yet to sample anything more interesting than pot roast. Since then, we’ve taken a real shine to the stuff. (I suspect it’s because eating with chopsticks makes us feel cultured.) I started eating sushi about 5 years ago … More Yep, a peanut avocado roll is a thing.

Maldivian Coral Reef

We air-breathers think we’re so slick clomping around on rocks and, best case scenario, rolling around in boxes. But did you know that most of earth’s surface is buoyant and fluid and graceful? Even the most experienced divers have seen approximately none of the undersea, and we poor working class peons have barely stuck our … More Maldivian Coral Reef