Basically homogeneous, at least near the 49th Parallel, Canadians are a blunt and unaccommodating people.  Through their mask of false politeness they spit at you, resent your strong US identity, resent your strong US dollar.  They’re afflicted, like all ego-bearing creatures, with the unshakable conviction that they’re superior to their neighbors.  They’re genuinely puzzled … More Canadia

Making the Most of It – Pittsburgh, PA

I started this series because I was tired of mundane business travel and looking to make a conscious effort to enjoy a few free flights and hotels. However, my latest trip, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was enjoyable in and of itself (and no, I’m not just saying that because my coworkers have now heard about this blog). Being … More Making the Most of It – Pittsburgh, PA

Cocktail Spin: Gin & Tonic

Malaria is humankind’s greatest killer, outpacing school shootings and rainbow parties combined.  Theories purport variously that malaria created sickle-cell disorder, destroyed the Roman Empire, and killed half the people who ever lived.  We here at Remains of Style recently contracted malaria, and  thus sought out the disease’s only known treatment:  Gin & Tonic. Many moons … More Cocktail Spin: Gin & Tonic